Letter from Pastor Matt__October 22, 2021

Dear Midtown Church Congregation:

We are contacting all of our members and adherents of Midtown Church today in order to inform you that we are going back to mandatory masks for Sunday morning services.

After our last two Sunday morning services it has come to our attention that a growing number of people were feeling confused and uncomfortable about what  was going on in our services.

When the BC Government exempted churches from the mandatory mask mandate and from size restrictions it was never intended to convey to church people that Covid concerns were all behind us and that we could now do whatever we wanted to. As Pastors and Board we  certainly take responsibility for creating a false sense of security in our morning services  regarding social distancing and respecting Covid protocols. There is also a  growing awareness among our membership that at least 20% of our own congregation was and is unvaccinated and that we need to make going to church as safe as we can for all our people.

One of our highest priorities (other than keeping people as safe as possible) is to ensure the covenant of unity and love that exists between Christians. We do not want a spirit of tension and anger to exist on Sunday mornings as we worship the Lord in our meetings and we want to maintain guidelines that allow people with differing viewpoints to still be together and practice love and respect.

We realize that this may not be a popular decision by our  Board,  however,  in order to maintain unity among our church body and not allow the arguments and personal feelings of individual members to become divisive,  the Board felt that is extremely important at a time like this to return to mandatory masks in our services as the only good option.

We thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding.

Pastor Matt on behalf of the Midtown Church Board