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Prayer Requests:

Chain of Love Homes, Brazil

This letter was received May 31, 2021 from Sponsorship Coordinator, Jaques C. Ribeiro

Dear COL friends,

We have wonderful news! We are so happy to inform you—as some of you may have already heard—that Valdir is no longer in the hospital! He returned home some days ago and is recovering well from a few of the complications caused by COVID-19. Please see the attached photos. In a couple of the photos, Valdir is holding a sign that says “EU VENCI A COVID” (In English, this means I beat COVID-19).

Although most of the damage caused by COVID-19 has already been treated, Valdir is still debilitated and needs a lot of rest. That’s why nobody is allowed to visit him as he recovers. He’s also starting a process of respiratory physiotherapy: his lungs have been severely affected by COVID-19 and this is one of the few issues that remained after he got rid of the virus.

We would like to thank you for the prayers; praise the Lord for his healing from COVID-19; and ask you to pray for his health to be restored back to normal.

As we rejoice for Valdir’s health, we still mourn for Sandra. Please pray for our Chain of Love community as we walk through this time of sadness and grief.

Thank you very much.
May God bless you abundantly,

NAB Missionaries, Brazil

Received Tuesday, May 11, 2021 from Lyndell

With profound sadness in my heart I let you know that the Lord thought best to allow my father to pass away during the night. He is free of all pain and suffering. Those of us left behind grieve deeply for his passing, but not as ones who have no hope, for we know that we shall see my father once again. 

I ask that you pray for my mom, Marg, my sister, Janelle, my brother-in-law, Ryan, my niece, Nicole, my nephew, Matthew, and my husband, Paulo and me.

I will be traveling to Canada as soon as possible. Unfortunately, because of restrictions, Paulo is unable to go with me. Because I had Covid-19 in the last 2 months, I am exempt from the 3-day hospital stay and Covid test upon arrival. Because I am traveling for a funeral, pray I receive exemption from the 14-day quarantine. I would also ask for prayer for all the details that need to be worked out here:

-I am waiting to get my Covid-19 exam results translated into English, please pray they can do it today.
-It would be good if I could get power-of-attorney for the treasurer of the mission before I leave (not essential, but helpful).
-Clarity of thought as I pack in a hurry.

For those of you who know my parents personally, my sister and I would ask that if you would like to send a message to my Mom, please use my email address for the time being.

Thank you so much for lifting us up in prayers at this difficult time.

Chain of Love Homes, Brazil

Please pray for Sandra, housemother in the Transition House. The following letter was received by email from Jaques Ribeiro, Sponsorship Coordinator with Chain of Love Homes in Brazil:

As some of you know, Sandra, the housemother in the Transition House, has gotten COVID. The Transition House is our home for young adults who previously lived in COL’s children’s homes; after turning 18, those who don’t have a place to go remain a little longer with us and stay at the Transition House until they are ready to function independently.

On April 13, Sandra tested positive for COVID-19.  Five days later, she had to go back to her own home because she was not feeling well. On April 19, she was admitted to the hospital to treat pneumonia (a consequence of the viral infection). On the 20th, she was moved to the ICU where she currently is.

We would like to ask you to please pray for her.

Yesterday (April 22), her blood oxygen saturation level was around 88-92% (normal is around 95-100%). Three times a day, she is given invasive mechanical ventilation, and her oxygen level goes up to 97%.  She is also given glucocorticoids. Please pray for them to start to be effective. Otherwise, she will have to be intubated. She is in the worst phase of the infection.

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 May God bless you abundantly,

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