Pastor Lloyd Andersen

LloydIf you need a cup of tea and someone to talk to see the Andersens.  They are the world’s greatest host and hostess…

Several ministries operate under their supervision ie. visits to seniors and senior homes, bridgeworks (visiting the sick and those with needs, as well as those who may be celebrating a special birthday or anniversary).

Pastor Lloyd and Leona Andersen

Lloyd Andersen was born September 29, 1936 in Innisfail, Alberta, one of five boys born to the family. Following high school he attended Northwest Theological College, working towards his Bachelor in Theology Degree.

Leona Andersen was born in Bashaw, Alberta, June 21, 1937. One of four children, she has a brother and 2 sisters. Leona completed her Bachelor of Religious Education degree at Northwest and it was there that she and Lloyd met; they were married August 21,1959.

Their first pastorate was Fellowship Baptist Church in North Vancouver, and it was during this time that three sons, Phil, Doug and Tim were born to them.

Over the years, Lloyd pastored the work at Terrace, BC, was interim with several other churches, and also began work as a letter-carrier. Meanwhile, Leona earned her ECE certificate and operated a private nursery school for 16 years until the family moved to Kitimat. Returning to Terrace for a short time, Lloyd and Leona eventually found themselves in Chilliwack in March of 1986, where Lloyd was employed as Postmaster.

They are the devoted grandparents of two boys and two girls.